Month: June 2018

Episode 35: Spiritual Survivor

In the final episode of our 5 Pillars Series, “Hajj Pro” Shahidah Sharif joins us to discuss what this ritual means to her and how to prepare for the experience of a life time.


Shahidah Sharif is the Program Director of the Faith Institute of the Atlanta Masjid of Al-Islam, and is the co-founder and COO of Professional Hajj and Umrah Guides, LLC. In that role, she organizes and leads annual delegations for the Hajj pilgrimage to Makkah. To learn more, visit

Episode 34: Conver(t)sations (ft. Palmer Shepherd)

So you’ve just converted to Islam. Now what? On this episode, Palmer Shepherd joins us to discuss how becoming Muslim means trying to be the best you can be, what unique challenges converts face and the importance of community in navigating it all.


Palmer Shepherd, @shadedpalms, is the former Co-Chair of the Muslim Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity’s LGBTQ Muslim Retreat. He is also fellow of the American Muslim Civic Leadership Institute.

Episode Extras:

  • For more information on the Muslim Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity and their LGBTQ Muslim Retreat, you can visit their website at


Episode 33: The Fast and the Furious (ft. Hazel Gomez)

How can women get the most out of Ramadan when we are unable to fast? We sit down with Hazel Gomez about female bodies, spiritual development and what it might take to change how we think about our periods.


Hazel Gomez, @Palunquita, is a student of the Islamic sciences with under the tutelage of Shaykha Tamara Gray. Hazel is a community organizer with Dream of Detroit and is as an advisor and board member to various nonprofits focused on community development, convert care, anti-racism work and mosque development within the Muslim community.

Episode Extras:

Episode 32: Praying for Candy and Good Grades (ft. Yusufi Vali)

In Part 2 of our “5 Pillars Series” this Ramadan, we discuss praying for candy, struggling to keep up in taraweeh and the potential benefits of being elbowed in the ribs. Plus we chat with Yusufi Vali, Executive Director of the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, about inclusive mosques and how to find a spiritual home.


Yusufi Vali, @YusufiVali, is the Executive Director of the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center (ISBCC), the largest Islamic institution in New England.

Episode Extras:


  • Music by Ibraheem Azam

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