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For three years now Identity Politics has been independently run by Ikhlas and Makkah. But in order to create a more sustainable show, it’s time to change that.

What goes into producing a podcast?

You see the final polished-product but a lot of time and money goes into producing the show. From scheduling guests to producing to buying equipment to editing–we do and have done it all. Here’s what we think you should know.

  • To date, we’ve spent ~$2,500 in podcast equipment, e.g., mics, recording programs, editing software and file hosting.
  • Website hosting, design and maintenance cost money! For our podcast to have a home that weown we’ve paid out ~$2,000 and have an annual maintenance costs at approximately $500.
  • Creating a brand is not cheap! Photo shoots, hiring graphic designers, advertising—that’s $3,000.
  • We’re actually running a business so there’s legal fees—add another $1,200.
  • We believe everyone deserves toget paid for their time. Our interns get paid $500/seasonal commitmentment. For season 6 we had two interns that’s $1,000. Makkah and Ikhlas have yet to be compensated for the hundreds of hours they’ve spent creating the show.

Now that you’ve seen the math you can see how much $$$ goes into producing a podcast—and that doesn’t even include accounting for staff compensation for the time put into researching, training and education (remember we had no idea how to produce a podcast before we started) and production.

How we can become more sustainable? We need your help!

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