Season 6,

Episode 47: Black Iftar (ft. Samira Abderahman)

May 15, 2019

Ramadan Mubarak! To kick off this year’s series, we reflect on the last decade of summertime fasts and our girl Samira Abderahman joins us to talk about Black Iftar, why she created it and the importance of leaving room for Black joy in Ramadan.

  • Ramadan check in [1:07], plus we reminisce on the past decade of summer ramadans coming to an end. [5:58]
  • iTunes review update: we need 15 more to get to our goal! [20:08]
  • Why do we need Black iftar? What was Samira’s inspiration for starting it? [28:17]
  • How Black iftar serves to unite the umma instead of dividing it. [37:49]
  • Pushing back on how non-Black Muslims perceive Black Muslims and racism within the Muslim community [45:34]
  • What was accomplished by the first Black iftar and the importance of relationship building [47:54]

Guest: Samira Abderahman, @SamiraImam_, founder of Black Iftar.

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