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Episode 56: The Fabric of Our Lives (ft. Hoda Katebi)

We chat with Hoda Katebi, of Blue Tin Production Co-op, about how our clothes and our spirituality are connected, and steps we can take towards becoming more responsible consumers. We also share our first modest fit and whether or not we’d wear Nike’s new swimsuit.

Hoda Katebi is a Chicago-based Iranian-American creative and community organizer who promotes garment workers’ rights and ethical fashion production. She is the founder of JooJoo Azad, an anti-capitalist, intersectional feminist, and body-positive political fashion blog and the Blue Tin Production Co-op, a clothing manufacturing co-operative run by immigrant & refugee women which seeks to challenge the fashion industry‚Äôs heavy reliance on sweatshops and create opportunities for immigrant and refugee women to find well-paid, women-centered, highly skilled work. In doing so, Blue Tin Production hopes to act as an alternative to sweatshop-based fashion production within the United States, disrupting chains of violence within the industry.

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