Season 6,

Episode 48: Do the Ramy-dan (ft. Ramy Youssef)

May 22, 2019

To mark the halfway point of Ramadan we check in on how we’re doing on those #RamadanGoals and chat with actor, comedian, and writer Ramy Youssef about how his Ramadan has been going in the wake of the release of his new Hulu show Ramy, what his hopes are for show, and the challenges and opportunities that we face when trying to tell our stories.

  • Last ten days of Ramadan reality check [1:09]
  • We reached our goal of 200 reviews, thanks y’all – keep em coming. Plus, stay tuned for a surprise coming very soon! [8:48]
  • What does it mean to Ramy to be a person of faith? [17:17]
  • Who is the show Ramy meant for? [19:28]
  • How Muslim women are portrayed on the show including the focus on their sex lives [28:57]
  • The show’s relationship to whiteness [35:35]
  • Ramy recounts the last time he bombed a standup show and his funny experiences on the Muslim comedy fundraiser circuit [40:28]
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