Season 3,

Ep 26: Soul Food

December 09, 2017

Halal, Zabihah, Kosher, Vegetarian, Grassfed, Organic – there is a diet for everything and everyone, but what’s the point of it all? Farmer and interfaith activist Amira AbuLughod joins us to discuss how to build a stronger relationship with nature and how food and farming are connected to our spiritual practice.


Amirah AbuLughod is a Wisconsin native, farmer and activist currently based at Stony Point Center in upstate New York. She uses farming as a tool for interfaith collaboration and spiritual practice. She recently returned from a trip to Palestine and Israel with Interfaith Peace-Builders where she partook in the annual olive harvest. You can find her on Instagram @Ameermah and you can learn more about her work at

Episode Details

  • (00:00:55) Ikhlas and Makkah catch up on their respective Thanksgivings and explain to listeners why this episode is being released so late…
  • (00:10:25) #FlashbackFriday to when we sat down to talk about how much we were looking forward to Thanksgiving and reflecting on our relationship to our food.
  • (00:27:19) Amirah AbuLughod joins us to talk about her relationship with nature and her journey to growing food.
  • (00:45:45) Okay… what does “halal food” really mean?
  • (01:01:13) Amirah drops some wisdom about how some of us city folk better can better connect to our planet.

Also, here is the song Ikhlas passionately sang in the intro of this episode. You can thank us for it later:


  • Intro and Outro Music: RSPN by Blank and Kytt, CC-licensed
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