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Episode 31: Learning to Give (ft. Amany Killawi)

In Part 1 of our “5 Pillars Series” this Ramadan, we discuss what zakat means to us, how children’s songs are useful teaching tools and what Islam might be trying to tell us about capitalism. Plus we chat with Amany Killawi, COO and co-founder of LaunchGood, about how her organization helps Muslims put our money where our mouths are and take steps to living more charitable lives.


Amany Killawi, @Killawia, is the COO and co-founder of LaunchGood, a global crowdfunding platform created to support Muslims Launching good around the world by helping them raise funds for their campaigns.

Episode Extras:


  • Music by Ibraheem Azam

Episode 30: Ramadan Muslims

Ikhlas and Makkah discuss what it means to be a “Ramadan Muslim” and share how they are prepping for the month spiritually and socially. Plus Makkah’s five year-old nephew Tariq has some great advice for all you first-time fasters out there.

We’re doing a series for Ramadan and want to know what’s been your Ramadan journey? What does the month mean to you? And if you haven’t been able to fast, what are some things you do to observe the month? Call us at 857-302-0752 and leave your name, city, & answer to these questions to have a chance to be featured on our show! You can also email

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported the National Geographic event!


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Episode 29: Black, Fat and Perfect (ft. Leah V)

How do you balance the fine line of representing yourself with representing others? Ikhlas and Makkah bring on writer, model and body-positive activist Leah V to discuss the representation of Muslim women in the beauty industry, the benefits and the risks of social media and how to deal with the haram police.


Leah V, @lvernon2000, is a style blogger, content creator, model, public speaker and body-positive activist from Detroit focused on spreading style and self-love to underrepresented groups. You can find her writing on her blog

Episode Extras:

  • We were featured in NPR:


  • Music by Ibraheem Azam

Episode 28: Spring Cleaning

We’re back and kicking off Season 4 with a little Spring Cleaning! We all want to get our lives in order, but where do we start? Tune in to hear the lessons we learned about growth in our 20s, the steps we took to take control of our spiritual and professional selves and how to bridge the gap between who we are and who we want to be.

Episode Extras:

Check out our remarks at Columbia University’s 2018 Muslim Protagonist Symposium with Good Muslim Bad Muslim’s Zahra Noorbakhsh:

Music by Ibraheem Azam

Episode 27: This Christmas (ft. Hind Makki)

It’s the last episode of the season! This Christmas we get real about interfaith cooperation with anti-racism and interfaith educator, Hind Makki. Our big question: Is it possible to do interfaith collaboration without centering and appealing to whiteness?

We also share our best and worst of 2017.

Guest: Hind Makki, @HindMakki, is an internationally recognized speaker and educator. She develops and delivers trainings on interfaith action, anti-racism education and youth empowerment. She is the founder of “Side Entrance,” an award-winning website that documents women’s prayer experiences in mosques around the world.

Episode Details:

(00:00:56) We reflect on the season and THANK YOU for showing us so much love!
(00:07:30) We talk about some of our experiences with and questions about interfaith work.
(00:13:28) Hind Makki joins us and explains how she got engaged with interfaith and anti-racism work.
(00:20:07) What does real interfaith engagement look like beyond the “photo-op”?
(00:30:54) We discuss the need for a diversity of Muslim representation in interfaith circles.
(00:38:08) Is it possible to do interfaith work in this country that de-centers white people?

Intro and Outro Music: RSPN by Blank and Kytt, CC-licensed

Episode 26: Soul Food

Halal, Zabihah, Kosher, Vegetarian, Grassfed, Organic – there is a diet for everything and everyone, but what’s the point of it all? Farmer and interfaith activist Amira AbuLughod joins us to discuss how to build a stronger relationship with nature and how food and farming are connected to our spiritual practice.

Guest: Amirah AbuLughod is a Wisconsin native, farmer and activist currently based at Stony Point Center in upstate New York. She uses farming as a tool for interfaith collaboration and spiritual practice. She recently returned from a trip to Palestine and Israel with Interfaith Peace-Builders where she partook in the annual olive harvest. You can find her on Instagram @Ameermah and you can learn more about her work at

(00:00:55) Ikhlas and Makkah catch up on their respective Thanksgivings and explain to listeners why this episode is being released so late…
(00:10:25) #FlashbackFriday to when we sat down to talk about how much we were looking forward to Thanksgiving and reflecting on our relationship to our food.
(00:27:19) Amirah AbuLughod joins us to talk about her relationship with nature and her journey to growing food.
(00:45:45) Okay…what does “halal food” really mean?
(01:01:13) Amirah drops some wisdom about how some of us city folk can better connect to our planet.

Intro and Outro Music: RSPN by Blank and Kytt, CC-licensed

Also, here is the song Ikhlas passionately sang in the intro of this episode. You can thank us for it later:

Episode 25: New Bae, Who Dis? (Bonus Episode)

We’ve talked about searching for bae, but what happens once you find them? On this special bonus episode, Ikhlas and Makkah ask their husbands, Joshua Wilkerson and Rizwaan Akhtar, what life has been like since exchanging vows, how marriage has helped them be better men and what lessons they’ve learned from their partners (that’s us!).

Guests: Our husbands, Joshua Wilkerson and Rizwaan Akhtar.

Intro and Outro Music: RSPN by Blank and Kytt, CC-licensed

Episode 24: Bae Watch (ft. YasGuru)

Turn on the lights, I’m lookin’ for her too. That’s right, it’s cuffin’ season and time to start scouting for bae. If you’re really about that life, you’re always looking for a permanent bae all year long. Ikhlas and Makkah bring on relationship consultant YasGuru to deliver all the goods on how to find bae, creating healthy relationships and why we should beware of “the spark” that can burn the whole house down.

Guest: Yasmin a.k.a. YasGuru is a relationship consultant and successful matchmaker of over 10 years. Her innovative program helps identify incompatibilities in relationships while building towards a brighter, more fulfilling future. You can find her on all social media platforms as @YasGuru. Check out her video series #LoveNotes and #SupportiveSaturdays:

Episode Details:

(00:03:20) Makkah and Ikhlas discuss how and whether married women should give advice to single ladies.
(00:15:00) We bring on YasGuru and learn about her path to becoming a relationship consultant.
(00:31:49) YasGuru gives us 8 tips on preparing for marriage and also to live a happier life. Yeah fellas, this is for you too.
(00:39:54) Why we should beware of “the spark” that can burn the whole house down.
(00:44:35) How do you tell the difference between a “red flag” and the hard work that relationships require?

Intro and Outro Music: RSPN by Blank and Kytt, CC-licensed

Episode 23: Ask a Shaykh (ft. Shaykh Muhammad Mendes)

Ikhlas and Makkah bring on their first shaykh! And literally ask him a million questions. In this episode, we sit down with Shaykh Muhammad Mendes and talk everything from student-teacher relationships to Islamic scholarship in Africa to what he does when he’s not serving as a spiritual guide.

Adeyinka Muhammad Mendes is the imam and scholar in residence at the Institute of Islamic Studies in Princeton, New Jersey. He is also founding director of SacredService for Human Liberation.

Episode Details:
(00:04:40) Ikhlas rants about how no one respects knowledge and the people that seek it (Makkah is one of them).
(00:16:30) Shaykh Mendes is basically a child of the entire African diaspora.
(00:23:42) We define a few terms: shaykh, imam, scholar… what do these words really mean?
(00:33:33) Shaykh Mendes talks why he studied Islam in “Black Africa” and why Black people are so extra when connecting with the divine.
(00:44:40) Makkah gets real and asks how women can balance their pursuit of knowledge with protecting themselves from shady men.
(01:01:04) That time Shaykh Mendes almost got stung by a scorpion…

Intro and Outro Music: RSPN by Blank and Kytt, CC-licensed

Episode 22: We’re Fed Up

With more allegations of abuse, harassment and sexual misconduct emerging every day, Ikhlas and Makkah are fed up. This week, we open up about our personal experiences with sexual harassment, how we’ve coped and what gives us hope for the future.

Episode Details

(00:00:55) Content Warning: This episode includes discussion of sexual harassment, sexual assault and abuse by people in positions of power.
(00:08:30) We go back in time to recall some of our earliest encounters with sexual assault and what those experiences taught us.
(00:18:01) We share the (healthy and unhealthy) coping mechanisms we have developed to survive as women in this world.
(00:28:54) We discuss how these issues have played themselves out for us on college campuses and in the workplace.
(00:48:22) We share our hopes for the future and give shoutouts to those no longer willing to accept things the way they are.

Intro and Outro Music: RSPN by Blank and Kytt, CC-licensed

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