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Episode 20: School Daze (ft. Nina Daoud)

It’s back-to-school season so we’re reflecting on our college days — the good, the bad and the formative experiences that helped shape who we are and how we understand the world today.


Nina Daoud, @shebatherapy, is a Ph.D. candidate in the Higher Education, Student Affairs, and International Education Policy program at the University of Maryland and a Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellow. She pursues research related to the overlapping spheres of race and equity in higher education, focusing on the experiences of historically underserved students.

Monet Spells, @OhMonet, is an Interaction Designer at Huge, a digital agency in Atlanta, GA.

Boafoa Darko, @boafoa_mood, is a writer in Hollywood.

Naim Fareed is Ikhlas’ little brother.

Episode Details

(00:01:40) Nina Daoud shares her experiences and her research on #BeingBlackAndMuslim on a college campus.
(00:19:30) Our college besties, Boafoa and Monet, and share their first impressions of us and how we became friends.
(00:36:09) We talk about what we don’t miss about college and the long road to healing from the racism we experienced on campus.
(01:04:05) Monet and Boafoa reflect on what it’s been like to watch Ikhlas and Makkah’s relationship to their Muslimness evolve over the years.
(01:20:15) Ikhlas’s little brother Naim shares his experience as a Black Muslim male student and makes a compelling argument as to why we should all start wearing Allah chains.


Intro and Outro Music: RSPN by Blank and Kytt, CC-licensed

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